book art

I’ve always liked the look of books when they’re made into art. Here’s some examples that I’ve seen/found on the Internet!

Jonathan Callan is my first artist – these sculptures use screws to pin books together and display their covers and pages. I really like these because of the fact that he uses the colours of the covers – it’s sort of a re-use of pre-existing art.

Next is Su Blackwell. I saw some of her artwork when I went to the Bronte Parsonage Museum in 2012. It melded so beautifully with the aura that went through the entire house – I’m not often a fan of random art in museums like that, but this was so wonderfully chosen.

Next up are some lovely upcycling projects that I’ve found. I’m not crafty at all so these are things that I’d do in my dream life…

Books into picture frames! I really like this picture in particular because of the lovely cloth on the front of the book. I really do think that book covers are a very particular kind of art, and it really shows with this one! And if you still want to read the book, the pages are entirely untouched! Genius, I know.


Finally, these hand-made envelopes made from the pages of old books are just gorgeous. I might have a go at these – I’d love to give someone a Waterstones voucher wrapped up in one of these! The stamps would look particularly nice on old, creamy pages. (With free old-book-smell attached.)


Have you ever made art out of books? Let me know, I’m dying for some inspiration for my new house.


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