23rd may – 30th may bookish roundup

Good day! Let’s get cracking with bookish news!

The Saboteur Awards were announced this week. Some of the wins included:

I need more hours in the day, without a doubt. All of the winners looked incredible!

If you’re a Neil Gaiman fan like I am, this is a great year for you. Eight of his books are to be published this year (OMG). Some are re-releases with new illustrations, which I may have to get because Chris Riddell is just a gorgeous artist. Other publications include ‘Neil Gaiman’s Likely Stories’, an adapted graphic novel of ‘How To Talk to Girls at Parties’ (which I thought was being turned into a movie too…) and ‘The View from the Cheap Seats’ which comes out TOMORROW! I will most certainly be toodling down to my local bookstore, that’s for sure!

‘Into the River’ is to be published in the United States – once the most borrowed book in New Zealand’s libraries, this young adult novel has since been banned due to its sexual content. It follows the life of Te Arepa Santos, a Maori teenager who has won a scholarship to a posh Auckland boarding school. Personally I’m hoping that the ban will help the book sell even better than it would have before.

Journalist Arkady Ostrovsky has won this year’s Orwell Prize for Books for ‘The Invention of Russia’. The Orwell prize is given to the book that comes the closest to making ‘political writing an art’. This historical account of Gorbachev to Putin seems to have fit the bill.

Anything important I’ve missed out? Let me know! xx


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