focus on: seren books

Seren Books is Wales’ top independent publisher. First set up in 1981, this is a truly fantastic publisher that brings Welsh culture to a wider readership. They publish a lot of poetry and debut fiction, too! I’ve only read ‘Star Shot’ (review here), but I am hugely interested in reading a whole bunch of their other publications. (I’ll be honest, it was very difficult choosing which book of theirs to review – I just kept going through page after page of ridiculously high-quality and interesting stuff!)

One of their upcoming books is ‘Animal People‘ by Carol Rumens, author of a huge number of award-winning poetry. Inspired by the seasons of the year as well, she engages with history and literature – poems I’m especially excited to read include ‘The Red-ish Wheel-Barrow’ (a play on William Carlos Williams’ ‘The Red Wheel Barrow’) and the title poem, ‘Animal People’. This 10-page long poem is unafraid to confront controversial issues, most specifically a specifically female experience of Aspergers Syndrome. Recently published books also include ‘The Way the Crocodile Taught Me‘ and ‘Ritual, 1969‘, two other collections that I need desperately.

If their publications alone haven’t swayed you, Seren is also particularly awesome because every month they put a new (free!) short story on their website, and every Friday they send a poem to their subscribers! I’ve really enjoyed receiving these emails – I get the sense that there is real love for their authors, and I think it shows.

Seren Books – check them out.

(Non-sponsored, just sharing the love.)


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