fashion rebels review

‘Fashion Rebels’ by Carlyn Cerniglia Beccia is a historical look at the women who have shaped the world, with a little help from their wardrobe. Published by Beyond Words Publishing, this is a lovely book for any young fashionistas (or older ones!) with an interest in history.

The book opens with a quiz. I was immediately hooked. I LOVE a quiz, and this one was pretty good. Obviously my style icon is Audrey Hepburn, I don’t know how I didn’t notice this before! I was also immediately impressed by the illustrations. Drawn in a pretty typical fashion-design sketch, they really caught my eye, and allow the women (and their fashion!) to dominate the page. I found that I preferred the illustrations at the beginning of the book, but that might be because at the end there were drawings of women who are still alive, and I found it a bit weird to see Ellen Degeneres’ face as a sketch.

I also really enjoyed the fact that there is a huge focus on how fashion could be used as a political tool, and a way of engendering change. I think that this was done really well just through the women they chose to illustrate – including Cleopatra, Michelle Obama, Tavi, and some of the greats such as Marilyn Monroe. (As a side-note, I think that there was a pretty good level of diversity, although there was definitely room for more.) However, it doesn’t get at all boring, but rather maintains its fun with little additions, such as how to make your own accessories.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book as a light yet interesting read – and they’ve given instructions for a Marie Antoinette choker, which I am going to make as soon as I finish this post.

‘Fashion Rebels’ will be published 6 September 2016.


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