focus on: canongate books

This is the first in hopefully what will be a continuing series that focuses upon truly outstanding publishing houses, both large and small!

Canongate books is an independent publishing house (based in Edinburgh and London) that has been running since 1973. Known for its style and quality of editing, this is one of my new favourite publishing houses. Their books have great content, but that’s not all – in my opinion, this is one of the best publishing houses for cover design as well.

Their website is also something great to behold. You can read extracts of their books on before purchasing, and there is a whole wealth of information through YouTube clips, author interviews, and their blog. (Also, what other publisher will have specific recommendations for hipsters or the armchair psychologist?) Their twitter is also great – diverse, feminist, and consistently engaging.

Recent publications include:

I would definitely recommend checking them out – a couple of their other new books (particularly What Happened, Miss Simone? look really good!)

So, in short: check them out. Buy a book. Enjoy.

This is a totally un-sponsored review, by the way. I just love their stuff, and wanted to share. 🙂

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