the book collector review

‘The Book Collector’ is a gothic tale of madness, murder, and fairy tales. Written by Alice Thompson and published by Salt Publishing (one of my faves), it is a creepy insight into the power of stories.

This was a fantastic little book – I read it in a train ride, which was brilliant. I was absolutely hooked by the lush and complex language, as well as the general concept. It does tick all of my boxes, so I’m not completely unbiased. I absolutely love anything to do with books and fairy tales, especially when they’re given a creepy twist. I also really liked the fact that it used less famous fairy tales. I was expecting some Snow White or Hansel and Gretel stuff, but this delved into the really creepy Brothers Grimm stories.

I really don’t have much more to say, because I liked everything! The characters were a wonderful balance between fable-like symbols and properly fleshed-out people. The use of delusions and mental illness was made magical enough that it wasn’t offensive. The use of fairy tales created a childish and horrifying tone that was delicious to read. In short: wonderful.

If you like a bit of Angela Carter, then this book is definitely for you.


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