april 18-april 25 bookish roundup

Hello! It was a big week, with Shakespeare’s birthday and World Book Night. However, here are some of the other things that have gone on in the bookish world.

A huge variety of prizes were announced, including the big one: the Pulitzer Prize. Winners included:

The British government has changed legislation regarding 2D representations of “design objects”. Instead of being under copyright for 25 years, it has now gone up to 70 years. This means that many publications may have to pay for the representations, and might be forbidden from using it by the rights holder. Publishers have been given 3 months to make sure they abide by this new legislation. Ouch.

A new mobile publishing app called Juggernaut should be starting up sometime soon – with books priced at 15 cents, and daily subscriptions 22 cents, this might turn into the new cheapest way to get our book fix!

The US Supreme court finally made a decision in the case of the Authors Guild versus Google about Google’s scanning of thousands of books. The Court ruled for the second time that Google was within copyright law. I can see both sides – obviously authors are worried about not being paid for their work, but I am very much in favour for equal access to texts. It’s a tricky one.

Apple’s i-books have been abruptly shut down in China, as there is a wish to promote a healthy and positive culture. This may have some connection with Apple’s other recent controversies, such as with the incident with the F.B.I.


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