april 4-april 11 bookish roundup

London’s ‘Big Green Bookshop’ had £600 stolen from its till – Sam Jordison, one of the directors of Galley Beggar Press, quickly set up a crowdfund, which raised over £2000 for the shop! While this was clearly an awful experience for the staff of the ‘Big Green Bookshop’, I’m so happy to see how quickly and willingly our little bookish group can help each other out.

Lena Dunham has announced the creation of her own imprint within Random House called Lenny. It will begin publishing both fiction and non-fiction in 2017, and will (presumably) publish texts that work with Dunham’s own book, ‘Not that Kind of Girl’. I’ll admit, I wasn’t the hugest fan…but we’ll see, it could be interesting.

A new Shakespearean discovery has been made! A first folio has been found on the Scottish Isle of Bute in Mount Stuart, a stately home. A previously unknown document, it contains 36 of his plays, and includes many blank pages that would have been used for illustrations. A very timely find, given that this year is the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death. It really makes you wonder what else is tucked away in some of those other old mansions and castles!

Profile Books has already signed a book deal with journalist Oliver Bullough – entitled Moneyland: Where the Rich Go to Escape Democracy, it will be a full investigation into some of the dirty facts revealed in the Panama Papers. As someone from one of those tax havens, I think this could prove quite interesting…

Finally, a roundup of some new publications:

  1. Sylvia Day, ‘One with You’
  2. Jessica Knoll, ‘Luckiest Girl Alive’
  3. Kate Siegel, ‘Mother, Can you Not?’
  4. Rick Riordan’, ‘Demigods & Magicians: Percy and Annabeth Meet the Kanes’

Right, that’s all from me today! Have a happy Monday 🙂


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