march 28 – april 4 bookish roundup

Why hello, nerds! Another week of bookish news coming right up!

The Publisher’s Association is pushing for an increased number of Reading Ambassadors – basically, for people who love reading to set up book groups, volunteer at libraries, or read with children in their towns and villages. Apparently they want 10,000 Reading Ambassadors by 2020. This comes as no surprise to me, seeing as some libraries are run solely by volunteers due to budget cuts. Personally, I just like the title.

As everyone is probably aware, the lovely J.K. has been publishing her Robert Galbraith rejection letters in order to raise the confidence of budding writers. While she has removed the names of the specific editors, I still have a couple problems with this.

  1. Why rejection letters for Galbraith?! They are not universally lauded as well-written novels!
  2. Some of the rejection letters have perfectly sound reasons for their rejections. For example, one publisher wasn’t accepting manuscripts at that time. Fair play!
  3. Everyone gets rejected. Surely most new writers know this?!

HarperCollins has announced that in June this year they will be publishing ‘No Man’s Land’ by Simon Tolkien (Tolkien’s grandson). This is an account of of the First World War inspired by his grandfather’s experiences at war. I’m going to let others rush to buy it before I do – I always struggle with that Tolkien lot.

Hachette has officially acquired Perseus’ publishing business. (I imagine they’re going to keep their names the same – thank God. I can’t face the sort of disappointment I felt at the merge of Penguin and Random House. They could have chosen any name – Random Penguin, Penguin House, Random Penguin House – and they go for Penguin Random House?! Huge opportunities missed there, in my opinion.)

Well, that’s it for this week. Next Monday I’m going to be in Italy, so I apologise in advance if I either forget or have obviously done it in a rush. Gelato isn’t going to eat itself, you know.

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