northern bookshop extravaganza

Lucy and I spent a fantastic day exploring through the lovely town of Beverley – here are our bookish findings!

  1. The Beverley Old Bookshop: a fantastic labyrinth of little rooms, piles of novels and postcards, and the perfect smell of second-hand books. Needless to say, we were in heaven! Here Lucy bought an enormous pile of vintage postcards, which she is going to tile on one of her bedroom walls. I kind of want to do this too!
  2. Oxfam Books: we’re big fans of charity shops in general, but charity shops solely dedicated to books?! YES PLEASE! Here I bought ‘Little Birds’ by Anais Nin. It was a fantastic bargain. 12899486_10208174742627214_546103793_o
  3. The Cut-Price Bookstore: this was our last stop before we hit the tea shops pretty hard. They had a pretty good selection of knitting books that caught my eye, but in the end Lucy just bought her god-daughter an Easter present.


Do you have any local bookstores that you love? Let us know!


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