best reading locations

We’re not having any of this ‘in the complete silence of the library’ nonsense. Who has the time? This is our list of the best places where people actually read:

  1. It’s midnight. There has just been a release from your favourite author. You’ve frantically downloaded it onto your laptop (though you’re going to buy it hardcopy tomorrow, let’s be real), and you scroll to the first page as fast as you can. Your partner doesn’t dare complain about the glare from the laptop screen; they just turn over to get away from the light. Your eyes already feel gritty from lack of sleep, but you’re going to read this tonight, goddammit.
  2. You have half an hour for lunch – and 30 pages left. There’s mayo on your fingers, and it smears all over the page. You would swear, but you’re reading too quickly to quite care.
  3. Somehow, you’ve managed to wrangle a day where you’re completely alone. The sun is shining but there’s still a nip in the air. It’s the perfect weather for a hot chocolate piled high with marshmallows, and a trip to your favourite bookstore. It has comfy chairs and isn’t too busy, so there’s a lovely hum of bookish chatter in the background as you settle into a sofa with a pile of novels. You’re only allowing yourself to come home with two, okay, maybe three, or four if they look really good. This decision means there must be great perusal of opening lines, first chapters, and maybe a brief flick through the entire book. Oh, happy days!
  4. Meetings are always made so much better with a good novel surreptitiously opened on your iPad. The time just seems to fly by!
  5. Fire blazing in your personal library, dog at your feet, partner napping beside you, a Baileys hot chocolate directly in reach. You’re in the midst of a gripping new novel. You have all the time in the world. (Sorry. Had to include every bookworm’s favourite fantasy.)



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