50 shades of grey isn’t the only way


Despite a lot of intellectual snobbery and social distaste for erotica and erotic literature, I this it can be a pretty awesome genre. Being English, we’re not very good at talking sex, but boy can i do a book recommendation! Erotica doesn’t have to be mills and boon or 50 shades; it can actually be well written, well developed awesome literature. So here are a few of my picks from the genre…

Most Influential: Tropic of Cancer by Henry Miller
Probably the most famous book on my list, Tropic of Cancer is both incredibly well written and typically French in it’s style. It has had a long history of publication disputes, was banned for obscenity and is responsible for a lot of the freedom of writing which we have today.It’s semi-autobiographical and not just about sex but the human condition – one of my favourite books of all time.

Best Written: Delta of Venus by Anaïs Nin
An exploration in what makes masculinity and sexuality, written for ‘the collector’ Nin wrote fifteen short stories of erotica for male consumption. She since ruminates on the difference between male and female sexuality in language and the poetics of erotica – the stories themselves are both deeply sensual and crafted with loads of layers.

Graphic Novel: Lost Girls, Vols. 1-3 by Alan Moore and Melinda Debbie
Alice, Dorothy and Wendy meet and tell us about their sexual exploits – incredibly awesome fairytale style, beautifully drawn and definitely one for fan fiction lovers.

Best Pulp: I Am a Woman, Ann Banon
Awesome lesbian pulp fiction – not only that but awesome lesbian erotica where nobody kills themselves at the end! If you like soap opera style novels where everybody nows everybody else secret and has dangerous and complicated affairs this one is for you.

Best Gay: Try, Ella Frank
Guy on guy experimentation and an incredible story. Logan is a bi-sexual hedonist that enjoys the thrill of the chase. Tate is a closeted divorcee. The arrogant sexual tension between these two is what makes the book so steamy!

Best BDSM: The Siren, Tiffany Reisz
I think the best way to summarise this book is in what Courtney Milan said “This is the kind of erotica that punches you in the stomach and then kisses you on the cheek.”


Happy Reading Kittens! 😉

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