the bookshelf tag

So you’ve heard of the accent tag – well now for the bookshelf tag – reply and tell us about your bookshelf (we won’t judge…much)! To kick us off, I’ve done mine and I believe Wendy’s will follow shortly!

describe your bookshelf and where you got it from: it’s a big solid lump of Ikea but it does the job!

how do you organise your books?: Firstly by Genre and then Alphabetically (by author’s surname).

what’s the longest book on your shelf?: I’m not actually sure, there’s a really great book by Ken Follet called Pillars of The Earth – that’s pretty hefty! It’s probably a dictionary ofclassical civilisation my grandpa gave me, but I don’t know if that counts!pillarsoftheearth1

what’s the shortest book on your shelf?: We should all be feminists by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie; i’m still awestruck how she can fit so much inspirational, original feminist thought in such a slim volume.

Photo on 17-03-2016 at 14.54 #2

is there a book you received as a birthday gift?: Many! People often buy me books for special occasions, my brother bought me a really beautiful copy of Grimm’s fairytales for christmas that has incredible illustrations and gold bits. I know you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover – but you can a bit right?


the most expensive book on your shelf?: It’s an academic text by one of my university professors John Fletcher called Freud and The Scene of Trauma, but it’s worth every penny!

Photo on 17-03-2016 at 14.54 #3

the last book you read on your shelf?: Bram Stoker’s Dracula – I recently got to reread it for a module of my degree, I’m going to write an essay on it too – watch this space! Love anything gothic! Photo on 17-03-2016 at 14.54

do you have a complete series?: The Complete works of Freud (thrilling i know)lower_0

what’s the newest addition?Photo on 17-03-2016 at 14.55: Grayson Perry Playing to the Gallery – amazing little book!

the oldest book?: An early copy of Robert Burns’ poetry – it’s a very precious family heirloom.

most beat up book?: Either Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere – which has kept me company on many train journeys, or Homer’s Iliad which I’ve read so much it’s  getting weird.Photo on 17-03-2016 at 14.56

most pristine book?: An amazing book called The Sexual Politics of Meat by Carol J Adams, being rough with this one would be sacrilege! Look at how shiny she it! Photo on 17-03-2016 at 15.00

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