march 7 – march 14 bookish roundup

The Racist World of Harry Potter…I’m sure that everyone has heard about this, but here we go. J.K. has published three more texts about magic in North America as a bit of an introduction to ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’. In these, she talks about Native American magic, especially in comparison to seemingly superior European magic, with their wands. Ouch.

There have been various literary prize announcements:

  1. Longlist for International Man Booker Prize: 13 books from 12 different countries – although only 4 female authors have been chosen, there are 8 female translators on the list. It looks interesting – I’m definitely going to take a look at some of these.
  2. Shortlist for YA Book Prize: again a lot of these look good! I’m definitely going to check out ‘The Art of Being Normal’ and ‘The Rest of Us Just Live Here’ – loving the look of these!
  3. British Book Industry Awards: these include Literary Editor of the Year, Best Bookseller of the Year, and Best Library of the Year… I’d never heard of these before so this was pretty exciting to see!

CNET has started a campaign called Technically Literate – this is an attempt to mesh literature and an understanding of technology. The first of three (I believe) short stories has been published: ‘The Last Taco Truck in Silicon Valley’ by Michelle Richmond. It is charmingly animated and an extremely interesting read.

There has been a recent appeal to the United States government to lift the trade embargo on literary and educational materials in Cuba. Given the enormous reading culture in Cuba, I find the fact that this is still in place absolutely shocking. On March 14th Publishers Weekly is running a petition to end this.

Also, this is a quick shout-out to The Audio Book Club, who I’ve been listening to whilst putting together this post. I think it’s a really quality podcast and worth listening to whether you’ve read the book they’re discussing or not.


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