february 29 – march 7 bookish roundup

This year’s Summer Reading Challenge is named ‘The Big Friendly Read’, and is celebrating the centenary of Roald Dahl’s birth – as ENORMOUS Dahl fans this is hugely exciting! Supported by Reading Ahead (formerly the Six Book Challenge), this will hopefully bring the splendiferous Dahl to new generations of readers, as well as bring attention to new books of a Dahl-ian nature.

Sticking with children’s publishing news, Scholastic and We Need Diverse Books have announced that they will continue their collaboration in the 2016-2017 school year. They will be providing 8 additional flyers recommending diverse books to children of all ages.

Zadie Smith and Neil Gaiman have both announced new books: Smith’s ‘Swing Time’ is a novel about ‘two brown girls who dream of being dancers’, and Gaiman’s ‘The View from the Cheap Seats’ is a collection of his most significant non-fiction.

The Nook is (practically) dead! Long live the…Sainsbury’s Entertainment on Demand? Barnes & Noble have announced that the UK Nook will no longer be active, and that they have collaborated with Sainsbury’s to allow UK Nook readers to access the ‘majority’ of books they have already purchased. However, it looks like Nook-users will no longer be able to purchase new digital content. Oh, dear.

The London Book Fair announced this week that Poland will be their target focus in 2017. In the press release, great emphasis was put upon Poland’s specialism in crime fiction, and the fact that the Polish city of Wrocław is the World Book Capital. However, given the British Council’s close association with the London Book Fair, it is obvious that there’s more to this than a simple celebration of the Polish culture of reading. *cough* immigration *cough*.

Finally, Amazon has confirmed that it will be opening its second physical bookstore in San Diego, California. It has been rumoured that they plan to eventually open 300-400 bookstores, but for now, our beloved independents stay safe.


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