Top Ten Literary Dogs

By Lucy

So it’s not the most intellectual post in the world- but I really like books and dogs, so why not? Also, Wendy is fully mental for dogs, so this shall please her greatly! If I were fictitious, these are the canine pals I would hope to have!

Ten – Snowy from Tintin. All round good dog, Tintin would be rubbish without Snowy – imagine it- who’s going to sniff out important clues?!


Nine – Toto from the Wizard of Oz – because Toto is the cutest little puff ball ever! I’m not strictly sure if it counts as literature but if you can’t make an exception for the wizard of oz – what’s the point?! Toto adds some much needed comfort and cuteness to what is actually a pretty terrifying film (or maybe that’s just my Flying-Monkey-traumatised viewpoint).


Eight- Lorelei from Lorelei’s secret. This book is incredible, it has literally everything I could want in a book including a funny, clever, adorable snuggly pooch! Good dog work Parkhurst – we heartily approve!

lorelei dog.jpg

Seven – Nana from Peter Pan. So Wendy was named after Peter Pan (too cute) and Nana is the best character in the whole book and film. I will not budge on this, she is the most loving snuggly thing she represents to me everything home should be! nanadog.jpg

Six – Tim from the Famous Five series. The real hero of the famous five series has to be Timmy, he’s a loyal friend to George, a brave companion and a generally good egg! Ginger beer anyone?


Five- Lassie from Lassie Come Home . I’m still not fully ready to talk about how much I love Lassie – the book the film is (very) loosely based on is amazing! My mum read it to me when I was small and it sums up why dogs are awesome, an unconditional, fluff covered, love – not to  mention a foot warmer!


Four- Gaspode from the Discworld books. Terry Pratchett is one of my all time favourite authors and his combination of the fantastical and the slightly satirical mingle as always in Gaspode. He’s this awesome character that reminds me a little of Douglas Adam’s Marvin the robot, but of course much cuter. His companion Laddie is a shameless parody of Lassie and together they form this amazing double act. Oh and did I mention he can talk?


Three – Fang from Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone. Fang is a great dog, he taught us that even big scary looking people are scaredy cats sometimes and that everybody loves a good snuggle. He also looks after Hagrid when he’s worried and for that alone deserves a place in our top ten. I’d definitely feel much better going through the forbidden forest with this pooch!


Two – Argos from the Odyssey. For the most loyal old dog in history we have to go a fair way back. Everything about Odysseus’ journey and struggle back home is encapsulate in this heart-wrenching beautiful encounter. Easily the most dramatic part of the entire Odyssey! We don’t blame Odysseus for killing all those folks when they picked on Argos – not cool man!


NUMER ONE — Monsieur Bob from The Dumb Witness. Monsieur Bob is not only my favourite canine character but possibly my favourite animal character out of anything ever! He is clever, playful and has a nose for clues, we really wish Poirot kept him at Whitehaven Mansions but I suppose he really was better off with the two ladies. When Wendy and I are old and slightly more eccentric, maybe we will have a cottage where we contact the afterworld and a monsieur Bob of our own – we can dream! Also – aren’t those just the cutest and most expressive ears there have ever been?!?bobdog.jpg


3 thoughts on “Top Ten Literary Dogs

  1. Jayne Dukes says:

    What about Hairy Maclary?? He may not be ‘literary’ but I know a little girl who was besotted by him from a very early age. He was fun and happy and free and also very supportive of his friends, he was a perfect role model really x

    Liked by 1 person

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